Thursday, November 15, 2012

Book Review-Stronger Than Dirt

Stronger Than Dirt
 by Kimberly Schaye and Christopher Losee

How one urban couple grew a business, a family, and a new way of life -  from the ground up.
I just finished the book Stronger than Dirt. I checked it out from the public library and knew nothing of the book or the authors, but I thought it looked intriguing.

The book is about a couple in New York City who decide over a period of time to buy land in upstate New York and become farmers.  Chris has run his father's fence business but with the economy caused him to have to close the business down. Kimberly is a reporter for a New York paper.

The book describes their adventure in finding a piece of land and then buying it.  Chris takes on the challenge of building their house by himself.  As time goes by he finally has to have some help and learns a
great deal from the people who help him.  As they are preparing to seed for their first season, they come to understand that the farm is not ready yet for seeding plants.  So they prepare the first season's
crop in their rented apartment.  Chris built racks and grow lights for them in their bedroom!

The book takes you through the struggles of people who know little about homesteading but have a desire to learn.  Chris reads and researches everything he can to get the answers he needs to make a go
of it in upstate New York.  You will learn of their journey of selling their flowers and produce at the markets in New York, always wondering if this is going to pay off.

This story is about a dream and the pursuit of that dream and never giving up.  As you come to the end you are encouraged that you too can live your dream.

To sum it up, this is a good, easy read.

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